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NICOLE SHELLEY is an elite event and talent management firm tailored to the luxury market. we are the only 23 year old company in South Florida to offer talent and event management services for the luxury markets in up to 10 languages.

We are one of the US Department of Commerce’s top producers on the list of Who’s Who in event management. NICOLE SHELLEY comprises NSI (NICOLE SHELLEY INC) AND NSM(NICOLE SHELLEY MODELS)


Welcome to NICOLE SHELLEY INC, your trusted partner in crafting exceptional experiences for businesses, organizations, and governmental institutions.


We specialize in premium event curation, primarily for the luxury market. We dedicate ourselves to converting your ideas into seamless, impactful, and unforgettable events with your intended objectives in mind.

With years of expertise and a commitment to unparalleled excellence, we are the driving force behind your success in the world of corporate results-driven activations. Among our services are event planning, budget management, venue selection, vendor coordination, event design and theming, guest list management, program and agenda development, logistics and operations and much more.


NSM (NICOLE SHELLEY MODELS) is much more than a silent agency. We are talent architects. For over 23 years, we have signed and booked talent from around the world.

Our talent board comprises of the most striking professional runway, print, campaign, promotional, and event models, all of whom are thoroughly vetted and highly adept to exceed our client’s needs. Modeling is usually not a job for our talent but a respected career where they treat our client’s needs as their own.

Complimentary to our talent agency is our master class and training division. We bring 23 years of service to discover and nurture aspiring talent, transforming dreams into reality and preparing talent professionally to work globally. New models or anyone wanting to learn the business of modeling, posing and walking techniques, portfolio building, and live-on-camera training should only look to us for the best service in these areas.

Whether you’re looking to become a professional model part-time model or just simply want to improve your own personal confidence for life or another profession, we are here to help you master skills, transform and discover the best and most beautiful version of yourself for a more fruitful and exciting life’s journey. We are entirely unique in this category. No other agency and team can provide the services that we do in the customized, expedient, and efficient way we do it. Our classes are short, but the endless benefits will last you a lifetime. Your experience is certain to be nothing short of truly momentous, transformative, edifying and positively indelible.

The magic doesn’t stop there. At NICOLE SHELLEY, we are also the creators of visual wonders. We bring your visions to life for those pursuing professional photography services, whether you’re a model, an aspiring model, or simply someone looking to capture the essence of a moment. Our expertise extends to crafting digital content that leaves a lasting impression on social media and various platforms.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Miami, FL; however, we provide services in at least 4 cities (including New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas) to clients from over 10 countries and in more than 10 languages.


  • We are not event planners
  • Here is what an event planner does.
  • An event planner is someone you hire to take care of mostly the standards logistics of your event from securing food and beverage, decor, location, Audio Visual, check in staffing  and other standard needs etc.
  • Here is what an event planner does not do.
  • We fall under many categories among which is event management tailored to the luxury market. Can we provide the same services as an event planner, destination, management company, wedding planner, or alike? Sure. However, Nicole Shelley Inc. primarily curates substantive experiences which match high net worth consumers with purveyors of products and services germane to their lifestyle. Within our event management division, most clients require us to meticulously devise, procure and execute an experience for a curated guest list often with a business development end goal in mind. We certainly do also manage logistics, decor, and food and beverage, but our event management services extend far beyond the perfunctory or mundane.
  • There is no fixed template for our services as each client and their needs are unique and thus are treated as such mandating us to implement specific strategies designed to fulfill their end objective (s).
  • Nicole Shelley Inc our event management division also hosts its our own award ceremony in honor of the most venerated executive women in South Florida.
  • Nicole Shelley Models, our talent management division provides premium models for luxury brands and businesses.
  • Nicole Shelley Models offers personal branding and styling services.
  • We provide master classes, training and development for new models.
  • We provide personal branding master classes for several clients starting at the age of 13.
  • We procure jobs for existing models
  • We manage Photos Shoots for any individual or business which needs them.
  • We do not only serve the Fashion industry.
  • Our client database also consists of not for profits, professionals, students, professional men and women, government institutions , cities, countries and much more.

Our criteria is mostly based on the character of the individual in addition to other physical attributes required by most of our clients depending on their specific needs.

Most of our clients require models to be at least 5 foot 9 and above. That said, you do not need to be at least 5 foot 9 to be a model.

  • 23 years of Global Business
  • Brickell Magazine’s Best Dressed Professionals
  • One of Mercedes Benz’s Driven for Success Professionals
  • The US Department of Commerce’s Best Event Production Professionals
  • South Florida’s Top 100 Caribbean American Influencers
  • Former Miss Florida Teen USA Judge
  • Former Miss Teen USA Judge
  • Fashion and Luxury Lifestyle Icon
  • Model agency owner of 23 years
  • Luxury Event management for over 15 years
  • Caribbean Today’s Top 10 Success Stories in South Florida
  • 100’s of interviews on self improvement
  • 1000’s of Photo Shoots in over 23 years
  • Represented 1000s of Models, locally, nationally and Internationally
  • Multilingual services in up to 10 languages
  • CJ Foundation Silent Hero Award
  • Wizo & Yonit Recognition Award

proud to be ...

Featured in Caribbean Today’s Top 10 Success Stories in South Florida
Recognized in Brickell Magazine as one of the Best Dressed Professionals
Honored as one of Mercedes Benz’s Driven for Success Professionals
Named among the US Department of Commerce’s Best Event Production Professionals
Listed as one of South Florida’s Top 100 Caribbean American Influencers
Former Miss Florida Teen USA Judge
Former Miss Teen USA Judge
Regarded as a Fashion and Luxury Lifestyle Icon
The recipient of the CJ Foundation Silent Hero Award
The recipient of the Wizo & Yonit Recognition Award
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